Specializing in a variety of services, The Gunian Group, LLC


Gunian Advisory

 We look for solid 2-way fits to work with individuals and/or companies  to help strengthen specific areas of opportunity.  Our support can be  project specific or at a more strategic global level. 

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Gunian Capital

The Gunian Group, LLC, participates in successful development of entrepreneurs.   Our primary spaces of interest are:

  • Technology
  • Recycling / Re-Use
  • Environmental

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Gunian Real Estate

Since 2013,  Gunian  Real  Estate  has  owned  properties  in  Shadyside,  PA,  and  surrouding  areas.      Managed  in  conjunction  with  RPM  Pittsburgh,  Gunian  Real  Estate  embraces  a  24/7  support  system  for  tenant’s  ease  of  mind!

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